Manager of the Supreme Council of Stamps

Engineer Nasrabadi began studying architecture with interior architecture. After graduating from the Tehran Institute of Technology, at the age of 23, he began his career with Dr. Azeri, the main designer of the Ekbatan Township, on the huge plans and projects of the town and several consulting company's engineering companies.


Then he went to America to study architecture and returned to Iran in 1982 after graduation, and at the Telecommunication Company he took over 6 years as a senior engineer in charge of designing telecommunication buildings in Iran. There were also post offices in the board for two terms. In 1368, the post of the Post Museum was set up in the western wing of the current building of the Communication Museum. 
After its delivery and opening, he continued his specialty in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, after his retirement , invited the Minister of Communications, Dr. Vaezi, to revive Museum and reopening it . 

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Some of his positions and responsibilities are as follows : 
- Born in 1952 Shemiran , Tehran 
- Engineer Architect of Louisiana , USA 
- Associate Degree in Architecture , Tehran Institute of Technology , 1975 
- Invited Professor « Campus of Fine Arts - Architecture Group » , University of Tehran , 1993 - 1998 
- PhD in Management « DBA » from the Institute for Advanced Higher Education of Iran , Ministry of Science and Research and Technology 
- Cooperation with the Collage of Architecture , University of Ottawa, Canada 2000 - 2001 
- Getting the first certificate of arts painting with wood burning technique , Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance 
- Member of ICOM International Committee of UNESCO Museums 
- Member of the Council for the Coordination of Museums of the Country , Cultural Heritage Organization 
- Member of the Board of Directors of Post Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran , Ministry of Post and Telegraph and Telephone 
- The member of the foundation of a design organization engineering system , Ministry of Housing and Urban Development 
- Head of Communication Museum , Ministry of Communications and Information Technology 
- Holding more than 45 painting exhibitions both inside and outside the country « individual and group » 
- The winner of the International Architectural Contest « Secure Cities in the Next 50 Years Against Earth Vibrations » , Japan 
- Senior Engineer and Supervisor of Telecommunication Design , Ministry of Post and Telegraph and Telephone 
- Design of projects for diplomatic Building, industrial, residential and residential villas - medical and IT 
- Winner of the Design Award for Mirmiran Contemporary Art Architecture 

"National Dean's List Outstanding in American Academic Universities"