Telecommunications and Telephone in Iran


- Telecommunications in Iran

The first telegraph line was established between " Arg royal mansion " and " Laleh 2nd garden " in Tehran 1857 . two years later offer to continue to grow it joinest the Russian network . Iran became a member of ITU in 1869 and promoted to ministry in 1876 .

- Telephone in Iran

These Marconi radios where similar to those used aboard the Titanic on its fateful Atlantic crossing and were recreated by the production company using Styrofoam for use in the the Titanic's Radio Room . Other manufacturers were quick to licence Marconi's technology . One of the high end commercial receivers of the time was the IP501 pictured here in almost factory new condition . For improved performance , this receiver featured an input for an external detector . Period advertisements for this beauty indicated the 501's weight was 87 pounds and carried a retail price for $595.00 which equaled the cost of two new family sedans around 1924 radio was introduced in Iran . at the time Reza khan was the war minister at the time and his department was responsible to insist on wireless technology . on the 20th anniversary of the radio in Iran the department was mored to " arg square " in the city center also including music recording studios social satirical , amusement programs .

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