Today’s museum of communications started out Jun 1991 in one third « west wing » which once was customs post , under the name of Post museum . This museum is established in one of the most stylish governmental buildings and it is eager to please the inquisitive minds . The construction of the building began in 1928 , due to the orders from a minister at the time , SoorEsrafil , costing 536000 Toman during four years covering 15000 sqm area. In 1934 the Central post office was officially inaugurated . The architectural style of the building is known as “ National Reza Khani ” style which is a blend of Alchemanians « columns and its bullhead capitals » and Islamic Safavi « Shah Abbasi » curved arcs it is also inspired by traditional caravanserais and their four loggia designs. Facing of the building is bricks but the stone is used in columns and its capitals, base stone, stairs and decorating outdoor belts .